Bouregreg Marina

“Sheltered marina at the mouth of the Bouregreg River in Morocco"


Bouregreg Marina is situated at the mouth of the Bouregreg River in Western Morocco, on the shore of Salé. Sheltered from the Atlantic breeze, the marina can accommodate 240 superyachts up to 30 metres, with a maximum draft of four metres.

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Address: Av. de Fes, Quartier Rmel, Bab Lamrisa Sale, Morocco 11000

Operating in: Morocco

Tel: +212 53 78 49 90 0

Bouregreg Marina is the ideal mooring point for superyachts sailing to West Africa, the Caribbean or the shores of North America. Situated in the heart of Salé, at the mouth of the emblematic river, Bouregreg Marina can accommodate vessels of all sizes.

Superyacht facilities and services in Morocco

Established in 2008, it is equipped with modern services and facilities to meet the needs of yachts from all over the world. Its services include:

• Technical services
• Maintenance services
• Workshop services
• Electricity
• Potable water
• Security
• Fuel station: Refuelling at large capacities
• Wireless Internet: Broadcast throughout the marina
• Medical services
• Laundry services
• Rubbish disposable service
• Boat shop
• Restaurants
• Supermarket

Spectacular marina location

Situated in Western Morocco, Bouregreg Marina is surrounded by a multitude of varied landscapes, mountains, deserts and cultural and historic hubs.

Located at the north-western tip of the African continent and at the crossroads of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean, Morocco has been desired for its geographical location. It is known for its fishing, with plenty of water sports on offer such as water skiing, kite boarding, rowing and scuba diving.

For a marina situated in a country world famous for its unique landscapes, hospitality, climate, monuments and imperial cities, contact Bouregreg Marina.

Maximium LOA

30 metres

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