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Address: Camper & Nicholsons Grenada Services Ltd. Mail Bag 9012, Kirani James Bd. St George's, Grenada

T: +1 473 435 7432
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Very friendly and very helpful

, Captain Barnfield N/A - 20/12/2017-08:53
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We were glad to get to Grenada after a long run from Bonaire beating it against the trades. We came in very late due to the rough seas but the Marina staff was fabulous, they checked us it at 2:00 AM and put us on an easy secure dock for the night with power. In the morning we moved over to a nice slip , Med mooring a bit challenging for us California boaters but got in a tight spot with good help from the staff. Very friendly and very helpful folks , reasonable rates , Great WIFI with the plugged in Modem, Really enjoyed our stay here.

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We highly recommend a stay here

, Captain S/Y Cream Puff - 20/12/2017-08:51
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We stayed here for 3 months July - Oct. Overall, the experience was very pleasant. Bathrooms are very clean - always! On site restaurants are very good. Staff is exceptionally friendly and polite. Very close to a grocery store, bakery, ship chandlery and bus route. By dinghy or bus, very easy access to downtown St. George's. Concrete docks are in good condition. Most are med-style mooring. Do not let this intimidate you if you haven't med-moored. Ask for help and the staff will put a guy on your bow to assist. WiFi is very fast. Good power (both USA power and euro power are available). Electric is expensive but compatible with other area marinas. We ran at least one AC unit full time and our average usage was about US$17 per day.This is a great spot to be for Carnival (August). This is in the heart and walking distance to all the activities. It is very loud during carnival. The marina adds more security for this event and we didn't hear of any issues in the marina during this time. In general, this marina is a little expensive for most cruising budgets. But, it is well worth the expense and we highly recommend a stay here, especially during hurricane season.

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Great view of the city

, Captain N/A - 20/12/2017-08:44
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This is the way we imagined a Caribbean marina would look. Clean, colorful, on-site restaurant and other services, pool, bakery and Chandlery nearby. Med. docking with a single screw trawler on a windy day could have been disasterous if it wasn't for Derrick and Hero. What looked like our worst docking experience in 16 years turned out easy with their expert help in the water and on our deck. Great view of the city. Reasonable rates.

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