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“100% global tracking solutions”

ProteGear supplies industry-leading global monitoring and tracking products and services to the superyacht industry, including vessel monitoring and tender/Jet Ski tracking solutions.

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Address: 14 Filzenweg Munich, Germany 83071

Operating throughout: Mediterranean

Tel: +49 (0)8 03 63 01 31 82

ProteGear, part of Global SafeTrack Systems, manufactures the ProteGear range of safety products for outdoor activities. It promises 100% global coverage with no area of the planet uncovered; including the poles.

ProteGear SmartSafety

SmartSafety is ProteGear’s all-encompassing safety solution. Using compatible satellite trackers, the SmartSafety system can be used in a wide range of scenarios, such as tracking guests on tenders to ensure the distance from the yacht does not exceed a limit.

Technical specifications
• 100% global real-time tracking by Iridium satellite, GSM, 3G/4G, GPS+ Galileo
• Flexible data plans—pay only when activated, no costs in standby
• Automatic deadman‘s switch with ‘pause & rest’ function to avoid false alarms
• Detects triggers like HALT, HEIGHT, ZONE, CRASH, EXTERNAL (Bluetooth 5) and more
• Manual SOS call and cancellation of any alert at any time (enables real-life tests)
• Unlimited layers and fences, roaming-dynamic/adhoc geofences (anchor alarm etc.)
• Flexible notifications and 2-step escalation: first team & friends, then the appropriate emergency services
• Each trigger and notification can be limited to certain times of the day
• Global two-way text communication with A*LIVE and InReach (SMS, email and more)
• RescueNavigation for smartphones and InReach for fast near-field localisation
• Competition features with LiveRanking, dynamic buoys, automatic evaluations and more

Tender and water toy tracking and monitoring

ProteGear’s portfolio of products and services means that there is a perfect solution for all client needs.

To successfully track and monitor anything on the water, or even land, with intelligent automatic safety features, contact ProteGear today.

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Great service

, CEO - 08/02/2018-07:47
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I have used the tracking system in sailing for years in lakes and around BVI. I'm very happy with the quick support and global coverage.

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