Crew a la Mode

Crew a la Mode is experienced in designing bespoke uniforms and supplying a wide range of ready-to-wear clothing, for yacht crew and staff. The team consults on every aspect of life on board – from the uniforms to guest accessories.

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Address: Unit 1C Warehouse K, Seagull Lane, Royal Victoria Docks London, United Kingdom E16 1DR

Operating in: United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)20 76 08 06 90

Based in London, UK, Crew a la Mode believes that crew is the heart and soul of every yacht: a living expression of its brand. That is why the team works hand-in-hand with boat owners and their representatives, management companies, interior designers and crew, to create clothing that best reflects the ethos of the boat, be it a single item or collection.

Crew a la Mode’s independence means it is not limited to one supplier, which allows clients to choose according to their own taste - without compromising their budget.

Superyacht crew uniform design

With 10 years’ experience working with luxury yachts and new builds, the team have specialist expertise to navigate current trends, advising on materials and styles that work for the whole crew, night and day, both on and off charter.

A client’s project can be approached in one of four ways, or a combination:

• Bespoke
• Ready to wear
• Brand supply and source
• Brand collaborations

Crew a la Mode specialises in all yachting needs, from storage solutions, graphic design, brand sourcing and customisation to interior accessories, budget management, eco products and so much more.

The team’s transparent approach to cost, quality and communication ensures it builds trusting and lasting relationships with all clients.

Crew a la Mode also has a showroom in Palma de Mallorca, Spain - you can email its team via to arrange an appointment.