Blue Diamond Decorating

"Expert yacht upholstery and decoration services on the French Riviera"

Located in Villeneuve Loubet, on the shores of the French Riviera, Blue Diamond Decorating specialises in upholstery and high-end interior decoration services for yachts, superyachts and villas.

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Address: 285 Avenue des Maurettes Villeneuve Loubet, France / Monaco 06270

Operating in: France / Monaco and Italy

Tel: +33 (0)7 72 03 81 38

From creation to renovation, whether you are an individual or a professional, at sea or on land, the team at Blue Diamond Decorating accompanies you in your projects and offers a study tailored to your needs to ensure a unique service, according to your wishes.

With an experience that has proven itself over the years, from design, to manufacture and installation, Blue Diamond Decorating puts at your disposal all its expertise and know-how.

Customised services

In order to satisfy its customers, Blue Diamond Decorating offers a complete range of services, including:

• Realisation and presentation of 3D projects
• Customisation and installation of carpets, rugs and wallpapers
• Cushion, sunbath mattresses, armchairs and many other items made of leather, fabrics, canvases etc.
• Tailor made curtains and sheers
• Blinds
• Manufacture of bed linen, towels
• Yacht exterior and interior soft furnishing
• Work supervision

Blue Diamond Decorating has worked with numerous high profile and well-known superyachts such as Eminence, Hermitage, Faith, Madame Gu, Roberto Cavalli, Lillian, Sussuro, Meduse, Blue Papillon, Paloma and Burket, so quality of workmanship can be assured.

Yacht upholstery and furniture

Blue Diamond Decorating offers a complete selection of textiles whose quality, technicality and design have been rigorously selected, guaranteeing comfort, modernity and longevity.

Collaboration with Italian design studio Rossato

Blue Diamond Decorating’s showroom in Vileneuve-Loubet was used for the unveiling of Italian design studio Rossato’s latest home collection. The collection was designed by Hangar Design Group for the market across France and Monaco.

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