“Easy-assemble, inflatable sailboat water toys for the marine industry"

Tiwal is a leading superyacht water toy designer with a global presence. Its Tiwal 2 and Tiwal 3 inflatable sailboats have been designed to revolutionise the mooring experience for beginners, seasoned skippers, adults and children alike.

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Address: Village d'Enterprises Batiment A, 1 Rue des Freres Lumiere Vannes, France / Monaco 56890

Operating in: France / Monaco

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Tiwal designs and manufactures inflatable and daring water toys. It strives to deliver products that can be enjoyed by everyone on board whenever and wherever their superyacht is moored.

Inflatable superyacht water toys

Tiwal 2

The ideal sailing dinghy for both adults and kids to enjoy in an anchorage, Tiwal 2 is a compact and lightweight water toy that is really enjoyable to sail. It boasts inflatable wings and a scow-shaped bow, and is renowned for being comfortable and stable to use.

Tiwal 2 is perfect for exploration of surrounding waters.

Tiwal 3

Tiwal 3 is a small sailboat designed to be flexible and reliable – suitable for any kind of nautical adventure. Compact enough to be stowed in a space as small as a car boot, Tiwal 3 also provides guaranteed performance in all weather conditions courtesy of its aluminium exoskeleton.

Both beginners and experienced sailors will enjoy the ease with which it slips through water. Tiwal 3 – elected Boat of the Year in 2014 and showcased at the MoMA New York Museum in 2018 – offers sailing pleasure wherever and whenever a user wants it.

Ultra responsive, stable and comfortable in light winds, Tiwal 3 enables athletic solo sailing, hiked out in strong winds. Alone or with a two-person crew, it is the perfect superyacht toy for crew excursions and guest use.

Over 100 yachts worldwide already have Tiwal on board, with the boat having won numerous industry awards since its launch.

Contact Tiwal today to discuss your superyacht’s next top-of-the-range water toy.

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