DESSAL Tecnologia Del Agua

“Specialists in custom water treatment systems for superyachts”

Based in Barcelona, one of the Mediterranean’s major superyacht hubs, DESSAL Tecnologia Del Agua are specialists in water treatment systems for the nautical industry, supplying and installing custom, high-pressure osmosis systems on superyachts.

Contact DESSAL Tecnologia Del Agua

Address: Paseo Mar’timo 94-97, Local Vilanova I La Getru Barcelona, Spain 08800

Operating in: Portugal and Spain

Tel: +34 938 16 08 27

Custom water system designs

The DESSAL team can design a water treatment system specific to its clients’ needs, sourcing relevant parts and equipment that fit within its clients’ budgets, along with providing a responsible solution that is environmentally friendly.

Sourcing watermaker parts to the highest standard

DESSAL work mainly with American, Swiss and nation-wide water treatment systems of the highest regard. Their brands have been developed and tested over several decades and are acknowledged by customers across the world.

DESSAL are importers of American brands Parker HRO and Village Marine, who are renowned watermaker manufacturers, along with marine and commercial offshore watermaker specialists, Sea Recovery.

It is also a distributor of the Spectra-Katadyn brand suited to sailing yachts and national brand Pomar Water in the Mediterranean, who also provide high-quality water treatment systems for superyachts.

Worldwide technical support

Most of DESSAL’s water purification equipment are backed by worldwide technical support. It will also provide preventive maintenance during the quiet yachting seasons.

DESSAL is committed to transparency in regards to watermaker products and prices and will display most of its product range online. It can supply a wide range of spare parts, accessories, ultraviolet sterilizers, filter holders, filters, membranes and water pumps, as well as industrial or portable water softeners for boats.

For a company dedicated to providing the highest standard of water treatment systems for superyachts, contact DESSAL Tecnologia Del Agua.