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“Proudly representing superyachts visiting Galapagos since 1998”

Superyacht Galapagos expertly represents foreign yachts and superyachts visiting Galapagos. Based on the southern shore of Santa Cruz Island in Puerto Ayora – part of the Galapagos archipelago and home to a unique variety of plant and animal life.

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Address: Charles Darwin Av., Pelican Bay, Puerto Ayora Santa Cruz, Galapagos islands

Operating in: Ecuador

Tel: +593 99 94 80 85 9

Established in 1998 as SAIL’N GALAPAGOS, the business was the first yacht agency and superyacht service in Galapagos. It created the opportunity for foreign yachts to visit Galapagos legally, which has had a positive impact on the local economy.

Together with the authorities, the agency started building the regulations and processes to set a standard for yachts visiting Galapagos. Such involvement resulted in structuring the payment system and itinerary procedures – a new developement that helped ensure a smooth visit, and paved the way for similar agencies to operate.

Today, the Superyacht Galapagos team is available 24/7 to answer all logistical questions prior to a visit to Galapagos. They can assist with all of a yacht’s requirements both before and during their time on the island.

The Galalpagos Islands has an extremely high level of biodiversity, with many species native to the island. Superyacht Galapagos is dedicated to wildlife conservation, ensuring each yacht agency service aids sustainable management.

Customised itinerary planning in Galapagos

Superyacht Galapagos can create a customised itinerary based on a time that suits the client, navigation sequence, expectations and client interests.

The number of days the itinerary runs for is indefinite, depending on the desire of each client. The itinerary is based around Galapagos’ natural and untouched environment and native species, and includes the possibility of swimming with Galapagos Penguins.

Permits to visit the Galapagos Islands

Every vessel – regardless of the type of visit (with or without a permit) – will go through an inspection upon its arrival in Galapagos. This consists of an interior and exterior hull inspection to determine whether a vessel can stay in the Galapagos Marine Reserve waters.

Superyacht Galapagos can provide the relevant information, such as tax, service and fee quotes, to ensure each yacht has the necessary documentation ready upon its arrival in Galapagos.

Provisioning service for visiting yachts

As Galapagos has strong regulations about what products can enter the island, Superyacht Galapagos can provide a list of acceptable items. With years of experience in the industry, the agency understands the demands of chefs on board – it therefore takes care in sourcing the highest quality products that are allowed to enter the island, as well as local produce.

Galapagos yacht agency services

Superyacht Galapagos can also offer assistance to visiting yachts in the following areas:

• Fuel services: authorisations, price, deliveries and fuel docks
• Dive and land tours according to interests
• Berthing management with access to four ports
• 24/7 Logistical assistance

To ensure the best experience during your visit to the biodiverse haven of Galapagos, contact Superyacht Galapagos.

Exceeded our expectations again

, Captain of 60m+ Grace E - 11/12/2018-09:28
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It was a pleasure to deal with you again so many years after my first visit with M/Y Aviva in 2000, and especially nice to find the services you provide enhanced if anything. Our visit was, I think, very short in comparison with most yacht visits, but nevertheless, you managed to ensure our clearances, delivery of provisions, a full and engaging guest itinerary were all handled and prepared with great detail, and you ensured a fantastic experience for the owners and their guests, not to mention the crew.

I hope to see you there again in the future with a new command.

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The most reliable agency

, Captain of 60m+ M/Y Lonian - 07/12/2018-12:15
Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OnStar On

I want to testify that I have known Ricardo Arenas, Superyacht Galapagos (Sail n' Galapagos) for more than fifteen years, and has assisted me in the organization of the visits. He has always demonstrated professional ability, seriousness and being the most reliable agency in Galapagos. If in the future I had to go to the Galapagos Islands again, without a doubt I will use the professional agency services of Superyacht Galapagos, since it is the only way I have the certainty and security that everything will be a success.

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Cannot fault their service

, Captain of 51m to 60m Rosehearty - 04/12/2018-16:05
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This April and May 2018, we had long planned a stop in the Galapagos. We arrived in April and left in the middle of May. We had a guest trip through the islands, with some crew time and it was an excellent experience for all. I appointed Ricardo Arenas of Superyacht Galapagos as our Agent in these waters. The Galapagos is particularly tricky with the paperwork and the logistics. Having used Ricardo since 1990, in 1998 on liberty, in 2004 on Andromeda in the Islands, it was an easy choice to make. However I must say from guiding the paperwork process and setting a realistic schedule, clearing guests and private jets in and out of the islands, getting provisions, organizing tours, finding and delivering spare parts etc. his service was exceptional. Last minute calls and requests were always met.. he is local, committed to the ecology of the Islands yet balanced by guest and yacht operational needs.

Yvonne his naturalist guide and wife was a fantastic addition for our trip in the park and even Rosehearty’s owner enjoyed her professional yet informative and relaxed style. We are returning to the islands again next May and will definitely be using Ricardo and Yvonne at Superyacht Galapagos.

Having used many agency services for the last 30 years as a captain I can honestly say that Ricardo is right up there with the best of them. He has become a good friend to Rosehearty.

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