La Spezia Yachting Service S.r.l.

Yachting Service La Spezia is a leading yacht agent in La Spezia, Italy. Its mission is to provide complete support during any yacht or pleasure boat’s cruise throughout the La Spezia area and beyond.

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Address: Porto Mirabello La Spezia, Italy 19124

Tel: +39 34 84 25 37 81

Founded by two pleasure boaters keen to help all visiting vessels enjoy the La Spezia area, Yachting Service La Spezia helps visitors to make the most of their cruise, meeting all requests with punctuality and professionalism.

Yacht agent in La Spezia, Italy

Yachting Service La Spezia is always ready to support and assist luxury yachts and pleasure boats cruising in La Spezia with a wide range of services, to enable guests and crew to enjoy a hassle-free trip. Services offered by Yachting Service La Spezia include:

• Maintenance and repairs
• Minor refits and restorations
• Painting jobs
• Tender and yacht storage in secure sheds or partner sites
• Boat and yacht washing and cleaning

Yacht cleaning and marine repairs in La Spezia

Yachting Service La Spezia is able to perform most cleaning jobs on luxury yachts, including professional hull cleaning, deck cleaning, teak treatments, stainless steel cleaning and polishing, and more.

Contact Yachting Service La Spezia today to request yacht agency services in Italy.