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“Highly capable yacht management software for crew members”

Based in Germany, IDEA Data Solutions was established in 2001, and has since been successfully developing and distributing its own brand of yacht management software called IDEA.NET to the European and US markets.

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IDEA has completed more than 900 projects on yachts from 20 to 180 metres, and has a market share of 60% for yacht management software on 50-plus-metre vessels.

In 2008 IDEA was acquired by the SpecTec Group – one of the leading software companies in the commercial shipping industry – and became SpecTec GmbH. Ten years later, in 2018, SpecTec IDEA became independent again and returned to its original identity of IDEA Data Solution GmbH.

Its team adheres to the company’s core values of being forward-thinking and customer-focused so that clients receive the best possible solutions for their needs.

Technical knowhow

IDEA has developed a comprehensive range of operational software solutions to ensure a yacht is managed as efficiently as possible. Its range of services includes:

Vessel database

The vessel database contains all of the important information about the yacht, and is a primary focus of IDEA’s yacht management software. The database simplifies the input, organisation and retrieval of all types of information, from technical specifications and locations planned maintenance intervals and service history of machinery. The database can be altered to meet the specific needs of the crew and the vessel.

Maintenance management

IDEA’s yacht management software generates comprehensive maintenance schedules by tracking planned and unplanned yacht maintenance. Up-keeping tasks can be assigned to crew members or positions.

Inventory and stock control

IDEA’s yacht management software inventory tools help to streamline logistic processes, control stock levels and optimise the purchase of spare parts and inventory to achieve reasonable cost savings.

Department log

The engine room logbook is a dynamic module that can be adapted to the needs of the engineering department. Logbook entries can be created every day and reviewed at a later stage. An optional interface between IDEA’s yacht management software and the vessel monitoring system can provide automatic logbook entries.

Mobile application

IDEA’s mobile application allows for crew to complete any assigned tasks while being on the vessel, as well as sign off on reports even if they are currently not connected to IDEA’s yacht management software installation.

Comprehensive safety management

IDEA yacht management software allows its users to place qualified step-by-step procedures – such as firefighting, man overboard or medical situations – for crew into the software database, with an overview of the status or who missed a performance.

Easy access to all necessary documentation and related certificates is mandatory. The IDEA yacht management software manages expiry dates of certificates and audits and sends reminders to the relevant roles to take action on the certificate renewal.

Effective administrative management

Crew members and guests can be managed efficiently within the yacht management software – with the ability to upload pictures and related documents such as medical reports and certifications, as well as track the arrival and departure dates of crew. IDEA provides an easy overview of each crew member and ensures that expired licenses, passports or visas do not jeopardise cruising plans.

IDEA’s yacht management software also allows its user to keep up to date with all yacht transactions, including details of suppliers, invoice data or any amount outstanding. The software allows for the setup of different accounts related to the type of purchase – cash, credit card etc.

Digital documentation support

During a new-build or refit project, IDEA can support the crew and the shipyard with digital documentation. All documents provided by the shipyard or the crew can be digitalised and converted into bookmarked PDF documents.

Contact IDEA Data Solutions today – its team can provide a yacht management software solution tailored to your yacht and crew members’ needs.

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