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Owner of 31m to 40m - 28/06/2016-12:18
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As the former owner of the 88-footer yacht, let me grab this opportunity to thank Capt. Andy for the excellent service that the previous company, McGram Fusion, now known as Subic Asia Pacific Marine Resources Inc. or APM, has extended to us.
The company's expertise in all aspects regarding yacht and/or shipping vessel maintenance is impeccable! It really exceeded my expectations. I would assume that all the yacht owners at Subic Bay Yacht Club are confident of having you as partners as far as yacht maintenance is concerned.
Now, that I have just recently bought a 120-footer luxury yacht, I will definitely get in touch with this company once again and experience the quality service that they are always known of.
Without a doubt, I will highly recommend APM and its services to all my friends and associates. Best regards!

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