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Thraki Yacht Painting (TYP) is a superyacht finishing company based in Northern Germany, employing a talented and experienced yacht painting team. Whether your yacht needs exterior painting, refinishing or more, TYP ensures exceptional quality.

Main contact

Address: Klingenbergstr.71 Schwentinental, Germany 24222

Tel: +49 (0)4 31 12 80 02 22

Mob: +49 172 422 606 6

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Since the 1980's the Thraki Yacht Painting (TYP) team has specialised in superyacht finishing. Their experience is based on teamwork coupled with research and investments in new paint systems and techniques, while maintaining strict quality control.

TYP has worked with numerous European shipyards and has the capacity to supply teams worldwide.

Superyacht painting services include

• New builds: Anti-corrosion protection, priming, fairing and top coating
• Refit and conversion projects: Local and/or general finishing coating, changing of paint systems
• Repainting: Damage repairs, full re-fairing and re-coating
• Warranty works
• Maintenance and advice: Dry docking and annual maintenance
• Varnishing
Thraki Yacht Painting does business based on clear communication, continuity and reliability.

Thraki Yacht Painting team

Their painters are proud to be part of the ‘Thraki team’ and are motivated to focus on working on high volume vessels, both in new build and refit. Their philosophy is to be selective in staff recruitment and having a team of over 130 specialist painters gives them flexibility with their manpower, allowing them to work on large vessels and a number of projects at the same time.

In a period of two decades the Thraki Yacht Painting team have been at the forefront of developing new fairing techniques and guaranteed paint quality. Their aim, from the very first meeting, is to give confidence and a guarantee to the shipyard, owner representatives’ and their partners the quality of the finish.

TYP’s mobile teams are able to travel throughout the world to provide the best finish quality.

Marine painting and finishing techniques

On every project there is a project management system allowing the Thraki Yacht Painting team to provide excellent quality control.

Traditional long-boarding, while sanding is one of the most important features of TYP’s fairing and painting process. The dedicated staff follow strict adherence to the paint manufacturer's specifications to maintain quality control and using the necessary tools and electronic equipment, measurements are recorded on a daily basis to ensure the finish is exceptionally high.

They have a number of fairing and painting teams with highly-skilled leaders who are experienced on the most famous European built projects.

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Refinishing Works - New Build

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Flexible and quality focused; supporting the project at all times.

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