Ibiza Delivers

“Ibiza’s only specialist yacht provisioning service”


Ibiza Delivers provides all the provisions you need to re-stock the galley, interior, bar and cellar. They pride themselves on the quality of produce and exceptional service, ensuring they are the first choice yacht provisioner for all crew.

Main contact

Address: Unit 14 Monte Cristo Zona Industrial, C/ Maians, Edif 1, N Ibiza, Spain 07800

Tel: +34 971 10 07 57

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Yacht provisioning in Ibiza

Ibiza Delivers’ team is made up of individuals with both chef and yacht experience which gives them an intimate understanding of the excellent quality and high level of service you and your clients expect.

An account manager is assigned to every yacht they work with, building a personal relationship with the key crew members and enabling the creation of a long-term and valued relationship.

Aware of the pressures involved and the busy nature of working on yachts, Ibiza Delivers tries to work as flexibly and efficiently as possible to fulfil all of your provision demands. They feed back any food and stock availability issues in real time with chefs so substitutions can be made and are available to receive emails or phone calls throughout the day for top-up orders or emergency supplies.

Provisioning operations

They deliver seven days a week to any marina, villa or residence and can meet the tender at any location across the island. Orders are processed at 6:00am to ensure fresh and quality produce can be sourced and delivered daily and on time. Paying special attention to the storage and transport of your provisions; their fleet consists of both refrigerated and temperate vans and with a warehouse that has industrial fridges for each food type.

Ibiza Delivers vacuum packs all meat and fish to your specifications and can make deliveries without any cardboard if required. An account manager will be present with every delivery to ensure all of the produce meets with your expectations.

The Ibiza Delivers offshore service

New for this year, Ibiza Delivers introduces ‘The ID Offshore Service’ with the latest addition to its fleet, the 1005 RIB M.Y. ID, manufactured by Hunton and purpose-built with chilled food lockers to enable temperature controlled delivery of yacht provisions to you offshore. M.Y. ID can be hired as a support tender for your yacht or as a water taxi to help transport guests to and from your yacht, marina or restaurant of choice. The Offshore Service can also be used to help with crew needs, such as laundry collection and delivery.

The provisioning supply chain for yachts

Whether you are fulfilling the food and beverage needs of the owner, a charter or the crew, Ibiza Delivers has the knowledge, experience and resources to provide you with the best quality yacht provisions.

From organic, halal, the freshest fish to miniature vegetables and micro cress, from sushi rice to aged balsamic vinegar, they have the best supply chain in Ibiza using a well-established network of local partners, suppliers and wholesalers, ensuring rapid response times for delivering quality produce.

Their focus on shore side provisioning means Ibiza Delivers offers a well-priced service. Also an expert in importing goods, they are able to source any item you require from anywhere in the world, from specialist ingredients to kitchen appliances using their courier network to ensure swift delivery.

New Pop-up Party Service

Ibiza Delivers has launched party packages to accompany its yacht provisioning service, for further details, click on the company's news button on the right-hand side.


, Marketing manager Marina Ibiza - 13/05/2015-12:40
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Marina Ibiza has partnered with Ibiza Delivers for 4 years through our concierge service. We are decorated with the category of 5 stars, which only 9 ports around the World have. The essential criteria we look for in our collaborators is that they offer the highest quality in all facets of their business. And this is the greatest strength of the Ibiza Delivers team: their way of working is flawless and fast, their products are the best quality on the island and the manner with which they deal with Marina Ibiza’s customers is exquisite. What more could you ask for in a partner?!

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The only provisioning company I use in Ibiza

, Chef of 20m to 30m Honey Bear - 13/05/2015-12:39
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I have used Ibiza Delivers for all of my provisions whenever I am in Ibiza. The team have made my life so much easier and provided an excellent service along with excellent produce. Whether I call on them once, twice or several times in a day, they always arrive on time and with everything I have ordered.

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Will be working with you again in the summer

, Head chef of 41m to 50m Tatiana - 13/05/2015-12:38
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Ibiza Delivers were a trusted source for produce: meat, seafood, cheese, dry goods, beverages, speciality and gourmet items ranging from basics to exotics. The orders are processed overnight so that they are delivered on time every day before the yacht departure and they were happy to deliver in the extremities of the island when the yacht was offshore. I am looking forward to working with them again next Summer.

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I highly recommend Ibiza Delivers

, Chef of 41m to 50m Blue Vision - 13/05/2015-12:37
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As a superyacht chef we must be able to guarantee our clients a flexible high class service, last minute orders are not uncommon so we need the best products as well as high level logistics. Ibiza Delivers provide this service - they are great, both experienced and with the best suppliers. They can always help in any situation - I highly recommend Ibiza Delivers.

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Will happily return!

, Chef and head of provisions of 60m+ Mogambo - 13/05/2015-12:36
Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OnStar On

Ibiza Delivers are always very helpful, professional and on time. Their service is outstanding - I've been using Ibiza Delivers for the past 3 years running and wouldn't even think about using anyone else on the island. They've catered towards all the usual outrageous last minute requests and have helped me deliver the best products available to the guests.

I've always been able to contact them 24/7 with no hassles and they've also been excellent with providing both high end as well as crew supplies at any time of the day. I'm happy to return to Ibiza knowing that the ID team will be waiting with all the food and supplies that I need on board.

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ID delivered!!

, Head chef of 51m to 60m Astrid Conroy - 13/05/2015-12:35
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Over 3 weeks in Ibiza we were treated by one of the best provisioning companies I have worked with over the last 14 years. Everything that came on board was over seen by our account manager and absolutely nothing was sent back or refused. I highly recommend this company and look forward to our next Ibiza trip knowing that I don't have to worry about how I'm going to provision.

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Life savers!

, Head chef of 60m+ Galactica Star - 13/05/2015-12:33
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The Ibiza Delivers team have been life savers during our stays in Ibiza. They really care about the quality of items they are supplying. The service is great, emails and phone calls are answered promptly, emergency same day deliveries are possible, and they go above and beyond to source specialty items otherwise unavailable on the island. I wouldn’t use anyone else while in Ibiza.

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More than 100% effort into each delivery

, Head chef of 60m+ Ilona - 13/05/2015-12:32
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Ibiza Delivers is always very responsive, instant with information on products or changes. Their service is excellent - from quality of produce, food handling, timing and flexibility on delivery locations Ibiza Delivers always put more than 100% effort into each delivery. I can recommend Ibiza Delivers to anyone who loves working with professionals and loves cooking with quality products. I am looking very much forward going back to Ibiza knowing we have the Ibiza Delivers team on our side.

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Impeccable Service

- 27/09/2012-15:28
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Ibiza Delivers encompasses everything that is important in yacht provisioning. Impeccable & efficient service, superb quality of produce & most importantly they do deliver on their guarantee of the very best of everything. I have used Ibiza Delivers & can wholeheartedly recommend them to any chef & yacht considering using them.

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Helpful and professional

- 27/09/2012-12:40
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Ibiza Delivers have been helpful, professional and always on time. Their service was outstanding and I'll be using them again when we return to Ibiza. Although they are a young company based on an island, we were still able to order difficult products and had it all delivered to the boat without any problems!

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- 27/09/2012-12:35
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Your service has been outstanding... All the produce was of excellent quality & your correspondance with our team was impeccable!

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