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“Tailor-made satellite-communication solutions for yachts”

Orbis Yacht delivers tailored satellite-internet, television and phone solutions to match yacht communication requirements while in port and at sea, providing various connectivity options and guaranteeing an optimum airtime anywhere in the world.

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Address: 1 Purley Pl. Islington London, United Kingdom N1 1QA

Operating in: United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)20 36 67 72 18

Based in the UK, Orbis Yacht combines the benefits of highly advanced maritime technology with its extensive experience in the yachting industry to offer tailor-made satellite connectivity with the maximum level of flexibility for regional, multi-regional and global coverage.

It can combine the European, US and Middle East networks to offer one big umbrella of seamless global connectivity or an exclusive regional network connection, depending on a client’s requirements.

Orbis is a one-stop-shop for communication solutions, hardware provision, installation and support.

Superyacht communication and connectivity

Orbis offers a wealth of communication and connectivity solutions to assist clients with whatever requirements they have on board their superyacht, including:

• Iridium
• 4G
• Cyber security
• Local network management
• Video surveillance
• Premium hot spot
• Wi-Fi and GSM
• Web portal
• Sky satellite TV

Maritime connectivity services

Orbis provides a comprehensive connectivity service to ensure full client satisfaction at all times. Services include:

• Installation and maintenance service network
• On-going technical management and support
• 24/7 customer support (NOC)
• Dedicated client portal offering daily/weekly/monthly airtime reports
• Dedicated project manager for service lifecycle

Driven by an internal passion for excellence, Orbis Yacht offers its expertise 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to preserve a client’s internet connection and multimedia content delivery.

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