YachtSurfer is a division of Exmoor Technology that supplies marine internet solutions to yachts and superyachts around the globe.

Main contact

Address: Unit 5 Barle Enterprise Centre, Dulverton, Exeter, United Kingdom TA22 9BF

Tel: +44 (0)13 92 98 41 31

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Robust, simple to use and reliable

, Sales Manager - Princess Individual Princess Motor Yacht Sales - 18/04/2016-09:12
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Having installed various marine Wi-Fi systems over the years with little success in terms of ease of use and reliability. We now recommend/install the YachtSurfer product on our customers yachts. The system is reliable (no warranty failures to date), simple to use without lacking in features and robust enough to withstand the harsh marine environment.
I cannot recommend this brand enough.

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Rapid delivery and support

, Owner of 31m to 40m - 12/04/2016-08:06
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Thanks to all, this has changed our lives, it's fantastic! After being stuck on 0.5MBS for so long, thanks to your booster we can now reach another WiFi signal and we now have between 10MBS and 20MBS. Thanks so much for all your advice, rapid delivery, and patient support when I was installing it.
Please use me as a reference, I am in your debt.

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, Owner of 20m to 30m Sarah E - 18/11/2015-17:08
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An excellent product made easy for a computer illiterate to install and use. Considerably easier than another product that I tried and have discarded, as it was too difficult for me.

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Very Helpful, Great Product

Crew of 31m to 40m - 26/10/2015-15:48
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Tried a few other routers, the surf4g is the easiest to setup and install. The advice prior to purchasing was very knowledgeable and informative. Will use again.

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Wave Wifi

Skipper of 20m to 30m - 13/06/2014-14:48
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The Wave Wifi & Rogue Pro is giving us a much better wireless signal, makes for a very comprehensive connecitivy solution. I'm happy to recommend it - Thanks!

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, Customer Support WaveWiFi - 29/05/2014-09:14
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We have reviewed our documentation to ensure it is clear that users will require the network name (SSID) and password to connect to the remote WiFi hotspot.
Thank you for your review and your custom.

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Reliable WIFI

, Managing Director of 20m to 30m Dim Sum - 24/05/2014-13:38
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This worked perfectly from the moment it was installed and has given me good connectivity ever since.

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Easy to install hardware, software could be better

Retired of 20m to 30m - 20/05/2014-17:57
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The hardware was easy and quick to install but the instructions for the software could be more detailed eg there is no warning that one needs the distant wi-fi access name and password.

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