New interface for automation systems by Vantage

Vantage, a leader in lighting-centric integrated control systems for luxury spaces, announces the impending release of Equinox 7 and companion mobile tablet apps for Android and iOS.

These new interfaces provide an easy-to-use single layer interface for immediate management of automation systems.  In addition, these new products offer both a prescriptive template for quicker programming time as well as user on-screen editing for further personalisation.

The release of Equinox 7 follows the December 2012 release of Equinox 4 and continues an expanding line of in-wall LCD Keypads and Touchscreens.  In addition, the concurrent release of Equinox tablet apps provides aesthetic consistency across all user touch points. 

Equinox 7 is a sleek, glass-to-the-edge LCD touchscreen that employs presence detection and light sensors to automatically wake up to a desired personalised scenario and adjust to ambient light conditions, providing on-screen legibility day or night.

The new Equinox 7 offers Vantage’s full widget-based control environment that will allow consumers to enjoy a richer, animated control system interface experience. The touchscreen is initially introduced with nine pre-programmed widgets for easy control of the most essential functions, including: Lighting, Scenes, Weather, Climate, Multi-Zone Audio, Multi-Zone Video, Home Theater, Cameras and Security. In addition, Energy and Timer widgets will be added in the near future.

These interfaces offer an extensive range of options for designing user dashboards to maximise personalised control. (A Vantage integrator can configure the Equinox 7 for immediate access to 90% of user functions.) Once an Equinox 7 touchscreen is programmed by the integrator, the end-user can personalise or adjust, and save each widget with a simple on-screen interface.

With two buttons, one to navigate to the home page and the other fully programmable, it’s flexible to use and can be updated by users or by certified Vantage integrators as the user’s needs and preferences change. As a Vantage Ethernet object powered by POE, Equinox 7 can also be retrofitted into any extant InFusion system taking advantage of current infrastructure.

The Equinox tablet apps are mobile manifestations of the on-wall touchscreens. User interaction will be no different whether they are standing in the master suite or traveling somewhere in the world.

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