“Creator of the world’s fastest emission-free jetboards”

Lampuga produces specialist jetboards as guest toys for the superyacht industry. Its range boasts three different varieties; each designed to provide fast and easy ways to have fun and adventure on the water.

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Address: Werkstrasse 11 Rastatt, Germany 76437

Operating throughout: Mediterranean

Tel: +49 (0)7 22 29 59 45 0

Made in Germany, Lampuga specialises in modern and exciting jetboards. Using high-quality materials, it produces the world’s fastest emission-free jetboards, with three different varieties available: Boost, Air and Rescue.

Handling of the boards is simple; acceleration and breaking is operated by a ‘pistol grip’ at the remote control (located at the front), and weight transfer determines direction.

Rechargeable with up to 45 minutes driving time, the boards utilise electrical technology and are an environmentally friendly way for adrenaline junkies to have fun and explore at sea – all without a driving license.

Lampuga is taking orders now, with the first jetboards available in June 2018 in Europe, and worldwide shortly afterwards.

Jetboard varieties

Lampuga Boost

High tech and energetic, the Lampuga Boost is built completely from carbon allowing it to reach top speeds of up to 58km/h (36mph) with great stability. Its removable battery is easy to change and can be fully charged in just 120 minutes.

A Boost board weighs 40kg and is fitted with a 10kW engine.

Lampuga Air

Fast, flexible and strong, Lampuga Air is an easy-to-inflate jetboard. It possesses massive thrust with low-energy consumption and its removable Power Box is easy to change.

An Air board weighs 38kg and can reach speeds of up to 50km/h (31mph).

Lampuga Rescue

Lampuga Rescue is a fully functional electric rescue board designed for lifeguards and superyacht crew. It has distinctive colouring so it’s easy to recognise, and features hooks around the outside so equipment can be securely attached.

The boards are also completely maintenance-free for fuss-free guest fun.

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